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The information below was sent in by Brendan Odell.

Built as a model C-47A-30-DL for the USAAF serialled 42-23590, delivered April 1943, named “Georgia Peach”. It operated in Australia during World War 2 with the call sign VHCGI.

Australian military call-signs did not have hyphens, to help distinguish them from full civil aircraft (although a few were painted with the hyphens, due to ignorance, etc. So VHCGI may have appeared as VH-CGI).

It was acquired by Australian National Airways as a freighter registered as VH-INE and named “Mungana”, and remained a freighter its entire career in Australia. Hence, it never did carry a white top. In 1956 it was sold to Canadian Aircraft Renters as CF-JIP and converted to Pratt & Whitney power.

Later as CF-CAR.

It was sold in South Africa in 1966 becoming ZS-EDX and operated by Air Cape.

In 1983 the aircraft was sold to Suidwes Lugdiens (later Namib Air) and was sold in 1985 as 9Q-CTR to Air Kasai, at N'dolo, DRC (Zaire at that time).

In storage at N'dolo Airport, Kinshasa, DRC, still wearing basic Namib Air colour scheme. Engines and controls stored in hangar, still with Air Kasai (2009).

Text: Brendan Odell


Received from Brendan Odell 4 February 2010

Hi John,

Correspondence, today, I had with the late Andre Balt. Please feel free to add the historical detail Andre so accurately put together in the history of 9Q-CTR/ZS-EDX.

Here is some interesting information.

In Kinshasa town, is N'Dolo airport. Driving in the road, behind the Dak, I was puzzled at the strange small angle of the prop-blades. Walking in the front, and up to Kasai Air, there she stood. 9Q-CTR, which I flew in January 1986, for Unibra, the Brewery of Zaire. I was there for 3 months, Isiro, Kisangani, Kananga, Lubumbashi, etc. But guess what, she had two four-bladed Russian engines.

Certainly looked strange to see a Dak with four bladed props. Otherwise she looked in good nick. I guess it is the same one Brendan, they won't give that registration to another one, and that was not an Li-2. When I looked at my logbook pictures etc, sure was the same one.

She is on static display now, and I flew her up from Eros, 27 February, 1986, and she was ZS-EDX. Gert will be glad to hear this.

So there she stood, January 2010, in Kinshasa. Amazing hey. Let Gert know Andre' saw her in KIn. He sold her through NAC, and Unibra bought it then.

Best regards,



In April 2010 we received the following information from Fred Niven

Dear John,

I act as the unofficial historian for the Ansett group of airlines.

I worked for them for over 37 years, before their collapse in 2002 and try to keep interested ex-staff and local historians advised of the history of the group from 1921 to 2002.

I am now retired, but continue my strong interest, as a hobby, including issuing a free e-mail monthly update of the ex-Ansett fleet changes since their collapse in 9/01.

I’ve just found your Web site and, in particular, this page relating to C/N 9452

As your data states, this aircraft was at one time VH-INE of Australian National Airways (A.N.A.) & therefore my interest. As you are probably aware, the Ansett & A.N.A. Groups were very large DC-3 operators.

One original A.N.A. DC-3 (VH-ABR), delivered in 1938, is still owned by the R.M. Ansett Historical Aircraft Society & wears Ansett & A.N.A. markings.

I have incorporated some data, which I didn’t previously have, from your Website. Many thanks for the data.

One minor point, if I may, its call-sign was VHCGI, rather than VH-CGI – Australian military call-signs didn’t have hyphens, to help distinguish them from full civil aircraft (although a few were painted with the hyphens, due to ignorance etc).

Another point, on checking the Website http://books.google.com.au/books?id=KBmGpaD36cMC&pg=PA136&lpg=PA136&dq=suidwes+Lugdiens&source=bl&ots=nBiHMw5V5w&sig=PeVj2HexiUDykdikWtT7F-oRQgE&hl=en&ei=yQLUS5WgL4j8sgP0wsDzCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CAUQ6AEwADgK#v=onepage&q=suidwes%20Lugdiens&f=false)

I found that, according to that site, Suidwes Lugdiens became Namib Air 1/12/78, before the ZS-EDX was sold to the company. If that is, in fact, not correct, I’d appreciate an update.

So my data now shows: (and you are most welcome to use any data from it.)

Delivered to the USAAF 30/4/43, as C-47A-30-DL 42-23590.

To Hamilton AFB 18/5/43.

To 5th A.F., Brisbane, 4/6/43.

To 39th TCS, named 'Georgia Peach'.

To 58 TCS 10/44.

To 6 TCS 6//6/45, with call-sign VHCGI, named ‘Tricky Tex’.

To Depot 2 23/6/45.

Stored at Tacloban 31/12/45.

Sold to A.N.A. 31/12/45 (in a ‘damaged’ condition?).

Registered VH-INE to Australian National Airways Pty. Ltd. 23/7/48 - 7 passenger windows per side. It was originally named 'Pengana', but later 'Mungana' & was operated as a freighter & was never given a white top. It was used on Guinea Airways services during 1951. Its most notable use was for dropping food supplies during the 1953 Queensland floods. It is believed to have been used for short period(s) by Butler Air Transport; but details are unknown.

Sold to Timmings Aviation Ltd. 11/11/56 & reregistered CF-JIP.

Struck-Off-Register 16/11/56.

Sold 14/2/57 to Canadian Aircraft Renters Ltd., as CF-CAR.

Various owners.

To Air Cape (Pty.) Ltd., 24/6/65, as ZS-EDX.

Sold to Namib Air in 1983, as ZS-EDX.

Sold to Air Kasai, N'dolo Airport, Kinshasa, Zaïre (later Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1985, becoming 9Q-CTR.

In 2009, it was in storage at N'dolo Airport, Kinshasa, DRC, still wearing the basic Namib Air color-scheme. Its engines & controls were stored in a hangar.


One report suggests that it was 9Q-CFM at some stage.

Fred Niven

(Melbourne, Australia)

My thanks to Fred for the information, it is really nice to have contributions such as this.


C/N 9452

ZS-EDX Air Cape

At D F Malan Airport 1965

Photograph: Leith Paxton

C/N 9452

ZS-EDX Air Cape

At Port Elizabeth Airport 1966

Photograph: Leith Paxton


C/N 9452

ZS-EDX Air Cape

Photograph: Will Blunt


C/N 9452

ZS-EDX Air Cape

Photograph: Will Blunt


C/N 9452

ZS-EDX Air Cape

Photograph: Will Blunt

9452 ZS-EDX WILL BLUNT 40001

C/N 9452

ZS-EDX Air Cape

Photograph: Will Blunt

9452 ZS-EDX WILL BLUNT 50001

C/N 9452


Photograph: Will Blunt

9452 9Q-CTR Alex Cheminade
C/N 9452
Air Kasai
Kinshasa - N'dolo (NLO / FZAB)
September 21, 2009
Fitted with two AN-2 propellers
Photograph: Alex Cheminade

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