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C/N 1498

Built as a model DST-144 for American Airlines on 4 July 1936 as NC16004 and named “California”. Later fleet numbers were “119” and “04”.
Transferred to the Defence Supply Corporation on 28 May 1942 as a model C-49E with serial 42-56096.
Returned briefly to American Airlines on 22 April 1943.
Transferred to Air Transport Command (USAAF) on 10 October 1943.
Returned to American Airlines on 29 May 1944 as NC16004 and named “New Jersey”.
Sold to K. Knight on 23 August 1947.
Sold to Air Service Inc. in May 1952.
Sold to Pacific Lumber Company in 1955.
Sold to Northwest Schools in April 1960 as N67000.
Sold to Texas Instruments Inc. in November 1961 and operated until 1 March 1966
Sold to Aero Industries Inc in 1967.
Operated by Air Services Inc in 1972.
Sold to Executive Funds (Pty) Ltd, Durban in July 1973 as ZS-DAK
Crashed at Umbogintwini Beach, south of Durban on 28 December 1973 and was subsequently scrapped. The no. 1 engine stopped when the DC-3 was turning onto final approach. The gear was raised. Shortly afterwards, the no. 2 engine also stopped. Fuel valve selectors were switched, but to no avail. The aircraft was turned towards the beach and was ditched successfully. One passenger (non-swimmer) drowned.
One engine was donated to the SAAF Museum.
Text: Brendan Odell

1498 N67000 Rolf Larsson

C/N 1498

When sorting my DC-3 pictures I also discovered this one, c/n 1498 N67000, taken by me at SNA = Orange County airport on 17 November 1971. It later became ZS-DAK and was written off in an accident on 28 December 1973.

Text: Rolf Larsson
Photograph: Rolf Larsson


1498 ZS-DAK Virginia-Airport Durban Dave Becker
 C/N 1498

At Virginia Airport, Durban.

 Photograph: Dave Becker via Ray Watts collection 



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