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Owners and operators of the Douglas DC-2 and DC-3 / C-47 in South Africa
The table below lists some of the organisations that have either operated and or owned
Douglas DC-2 and DC-3 aircraft in South Africa.
There were two Douglas DC-2 aircraft operated in South Africa, by Phoenix Airlines
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Operator/Owner c/n Reg Type
Aero Air 10110 ZS-NZA  
Aero Air 19104 ZS-NZD  
Aero Air 13368 ZS-NZE  
Africa Charter Airlines 12026 ZS-DRJ  
Africair 9948 ZS-CCG Douglas C-47A-DL
Africair 12445 ZS-DDC Douglas C-47A-DK
Africair 12161 ZS-DFN Douglas C-47A-DK
African Air Carriers 19536 ZS-KHN  
African Air Carriers 33257 ZS-KIV  
Air Cape 33211 ZS-EYN  
Air Cape 32935 ZS-EYO  
Aircraft Operating Company 11989 ZS-DJK  
Aircraft Operating Company 12090 ZS-DCA  
Anglo-Vaal Air Transport 13182 ZS-BCA Douglas C-47A-DK
Anglo-Vaal Air Transport 12486 ZS-BCJ Douglas C-47A-DK
Anglo-Vaal Air Transport 12066 ZS-BVF Douglas C-47A-DK
Anglo-Vaal Air Transport 9145 ZS-BWZ Douglas C-47-DL
Anglo-Vaal Air Transport 12066 ZS-DBP Douglas C-47A-DK
AVEX Air 2119 ZS-JMP  
Avia Air Charter 12026 ZS-DRJ  
Avia Air Charter 13331 ZS-PTG  
Caprivi Airways 2008 ZS-KEX  
Comair 12026 ZS-DRJ Douglas DC-3
Comair 42969 ZS-DXW Douglas DC-3
Comair 19484 ZS-EJK Douglas DC-3
Comair 42963 ZS-FRM Douglas DC-3D
Comair 9628 ZS-IWL  
Debon Air 4890 ZS-OJD  
Debon Air 32844 ZS-OJE  
Debon Air 13331 ZS-PTG  
Denel 9836 ZS-NJE  
Department of Transport 13541 ZS-CAI  
Dodson Aviation 14994/26439 ZS-OJI  
Dodson Aviation 16213/32961 ZS-OJJ  
Dodson Aviation 25610 ZS-OJK  
Dodson Aviation 16565/33313 ZS-OJL  
Dodson Aviation 14101/25546 ZS-OJM  
General Erection Company Genrec 26244 ZS-DJZ  
General Erection Company Generc 26439 ZS-IPX  
Grinair 9581 ZS-GPL  
Keljet 26438 ZS-NTD  
Kiersley Airways 9877 ZS-DDR  
Kiersley Airways 12158 ZS-DDZ  
Kiersley Airways 10105 ZS-DEF  
Kiersley Airways 12073 ZS-DEO  
Kiersley Airways 9629 ZS-DER  
Kiersley Airways 12055 ZS-DES  
Magnum Airlines 12026 ZS-DRJ  
Marine Diamond Corporation 1994 ZS-DPO  
Marine Diamond Corporation 12066 ZS-DBP  
Marine Diamond Corporation 33408 ZS-DKR  
Mercury Aviation Services 12981 ZS-AVL  
Mercury Aviation Services 13182 ZS-BCA Douglas C-47A-DK
Mercury Aviation Services 4098 ZS-BNB Douglas DC-3-388
Mercury Aviation Services 2199 ZS-BTN Douglas DC-3-277B
Mercury Aviation Services 2205 ZS-BTO Douglas C-49H-DO
Mercury Aviation Services 4254 ZS-BWX Douglas C-47-DL
Mercury Aviation Services 6341 ZS-BWY Douglas C-49K-DO
Mercury Aviation Services 9145 ZS-BWZ Douglas C-47-DL
Mercury Aviation Services 12595 ZS-BXZ Douglas C-47A-DK
Namib Air 11991 ZS-DIW  
National Airways Corporation 12026 ZS-DRJ  
National Airways Corporation 9628 ZS-EKK  
National Test Pilot School 12590 ZS-OSO  
Naturelink 4363 ZS-MRU  
Naturelink 14165/25610 ZS-OJK  
Nelair 20475 ZS-LVR  
Oriole Express 12026 ZS-DRJ  
Pan African Air Charter 10142 ZS-AVK  
Pan African Air Charter 10146 ZS-AVM Douglas DC-3
Pan African Air Charter 19584 ZS-AYB  
Pan African Air Charter 13468 ZS-BRW Douglas DC-3
Pan African Air Charter 12587 ZS-BYX  
Phoebus Apollo Aviation 11991 ZS-DIW  
Phoebus Apollo Aviation 1984 ZS-PAA  
Phoenix Airlines 1322 ZS-DFW Douglas DC-2-115B
Phoenix Airlines 1332 ZS-DFX Douglas DC-2-115B
Pretoria Air Services 33257 ZS-KIV  
Professional Aviation Services 15268/26713 ZS-KCV  
Professional Aviation Services 34225 ZS-LJI  
Protea Airways 9628 ZS-EKK Douglas C-47A-DL
Protea Airways 33581 ZS-FKI Douglas C-47B-DK
Protea Airways 42978 ZS-FRJ Douglas DC-3D
Protea Airways 33083 ZS-IPP Douglas C-47B-DK
Protea Airways 13164 ZS-KAT Douglas C-47A-DK
Regional Air 11991 ZS-DIW  
Rossair 27047 ZS-OBU  
Rossair 32961 ZS-OJJ  
Rovos Air 13331 ZS-CRV  
Skyclass Aviation 13541 ZS-CAI  
Skyclass Aviation 20475 ZS-LVR  
South African Air Force 9766 ZS-MRR  
South African Air Force Museum Swartkop 12586 6859  
South African Air Force Museum Ysterplaat 12478 6832 Coelacanth Dak
South African Airways 9630 ZS-AVI  
South African Airways 12016 ZS-AVJ  
South African Airways 12107 ZS-BXF  
South African Airways 12049 ZS-BXG  
South African Airways 12166 ZS-BXI  
South African Airways 12413 ZS-BXJ  
South African Airways 9492 ZS-DJB  
South African Airways 32937 ZS-DJC  
South African Airways 12596 ZS-DJX  
South African Airways 9452 ZS-EDX  
South African Airways 33211 ZS-EYN  
South African Airways 32935 ZS-EYO  
South African Airways Historic Flight 12107 ZS-BXF  
South African Airways Museum Society 12107 ZS-BXF  
South African Historic Flight (Transnet Heritage) 12107 ZS-BXF  
Spectrem Air (Anglo American) 33581 ZS-ASN (2)  
Speed Services Couriers 12073 ZS-MFY  
Speed Services Couriers 13143 ZS-NKK  
Springbok Flying Safaris 9581 ZS-GPL  
Springbok Flying Safaris 2008 ZS-KEX  
Springbok Classic Air 11926 ZS-NTE  
Suidair 13014 ZS-BCY  
Suidair 9131 ZS-BJZ  
Suidwes Lugdiens 11991 ZS-DIW  
Suidwes Lugdiens 26244 ZS-DJZ  
Suidwes Lugdiens 9452 ZS-EDX  
TAC Air Services 4890 ZS-OJD  
TAC Air Services 32844 ZS-OJE  
Trek Airways 15555/27000 ZS-DIY Douglas DC-3
Tropic Airways 12414 ZS-DFB Douglas DC-3
tx 13331 ZS-PTG  
United Air 9581 ZS-GPL  
United Air 6154 ZS-UAS  
Universal Airways 6223 ZS-DCZ Douglas DC-3
Wenela 9948 ZS-CCG Douglas C-47A-DL
Wenela 12066 ZS-DBP Douglas C-47A-DK
Wenela 13182 ZS-DBV Douglas C-47A-DK
Wenela 12090 ZS-DCA Douglas C-47A-DK
Wenela 12445 ZS-DDC Douglas C-47A-DK
Wenela 10105 ZS-DEF Douglas C-47A-DL
Wenela 12161 ZS-DFN Douglas C-47A-DK
Wenela 11979 ZS-DHO Douglas C-47A-DK
Wenela 26087 ZS-DHW Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 32656 ZS-DHX Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 33257 ZS-DHY Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 32961 ZS-DIV Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 26743 ZS-DIZ Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 26244 ZS-DJZ Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 26439 ZS-DKP Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela 33408 ZS-DKR Douglas C-47B-DK
Wenela (Witwatersrand Native Labour Association) 9628 ZS-DDV Douglas C-47A-DL
Wonder Air 14357/25802 ZS-LYW  


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