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There must be thousands of stories relating to the DC-3 Dakota.

This pages contains a list of stories that are contributed by people who, in one way or another, have come into contact with the Douglas DC-3.

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Windows wide open. From Pemba to Zanzibar by DC-3

By Farhat Jah "Raf"

August 2nd 2009

Farhat runs a diving spot on Pemba Island and travelled by DC-3 from Pemba to Zanzibar. This is his account of his first flight on board a DC-3. The aircraft featured is 5H-DAK c/n 9581.

Raf comments...

Since flying once on 5H-DAK I try and fly as regularly as possible on the Dak in Tanzania. I believe that it is such a special aircraft and that it really adds to Zanzibar. It is a real credit to the Islands tourism service. While it transports the locals back and forth, the DC-3 is an icon.

Having sat in the jump seat on two flights and sat in the tail on another, I am addicted. Our clients and staff are enthused. Recently, my resident manager went on leave and insisted that I book him on the DC-3. His father’s first ever flight was in a Dakota and he wanted to see what his father had seen. He was lucky enough to be able to sit on the jump seat for landing. People would pay thousands of Dollars to fly on a DC-3 in Europe, and here, all they have to do is book a flight to Pemba.

The Flight to fetch the Coelacanth

By Major General Duncan Ralston, SAAF (retired)

This is the story of an unusual journey to fetch a strange fish. Duncan Ralston was the navigator onboard SAAF Dakota 6832 in December 1952 when this fascinating trip took place.

DC-3 high-speed ground loop
By Robin H. Anderson, Capt.ret.

How I got my first twin solo under fire in the African bundu (from Air Africana 89-02)
SAAF member Flying a Russian DC-3 Dakota
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