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1.                   NAME


The name of the Association shall be: “The Dakota Association of South Africa”, herein after referred as “The Association”.


2.                   OBJECTIVES


The objectives of the Association shall be:

a.                   To promote interest in aviation, with particular emphasis on the operation and history of the Douglas Dakota aircraft.

b.                   To promote the Association and its aim by way of meetings, displays, publications and advertising.

c.                    To establish and develop the Association and its facilities.

d.                   To raise funds for the Association by any lawful means.

e.                    To acquire, restore and maintain Dakota aircraft for the Association.


3.                   THE PATRON OF THE ASSOCIATION


The Chairman shall, with the approval of the Committee, invite any person to become the patron of the Association. This person may be appointed as President of the Association.


4.                   THE COMMITTEE


The Committee shall consist of not more than 12 members and shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and it shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and any other members of good standing as may be required to carry out the Association’s objectives. All committee members shall be members of the Association whose subscriptions have been paid in full. To avoid an imbalance of interests on the Committee, the SAAF shall be represented by two Dakota pilots and two Dakota engineers and the civilian sector shall also be represented by two Dakota pilots and two Dakota engineers. In addition a research officer shall be elected to the Committee.


5.                   Members shall serve on the Committee for a period of two years. The Committee shall retire from office at each Annual General Meeting. Committee members shall be eligible for re-election if they are willing to stand for nomination.


6.                   If a vacancy should occur on the Committee between consecutive Annual General Meetings, the Committee shall then be authorised to fill the vacancy on a temporary basis.


7.                   Additional members may be co-opted to the Committee as and when necessary on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.


8.                   The Committee shall meet at least four times each year and four members, in addition to the Chairman, shall form a quorum.


9.                   The Chairman shall preside at all Committee meetings. In his absence the chair may be taken up by the Vice Chairman or any other member elected by the Committee.


10.                The Treasurer shall receive all monies owing to the Association and pay all its liabilities within the limits of the Association’s finances. He shall also keep a record of the receipts and payments authorised by the Committee and make such records available to the auditor and bookkeeper by the Committee.


11.                The Secretary shall attend all the Committee meetings and shall take minutes of the proceedings, which shall be entered in a minutes book. He shall also be responsible for the correspondence of the Association, subject to the requirements of the Committee.


12.                POWERS OF THE COMMITTEE


The Committee shall be the executive body of the Association.


13.                The Committee shall manage and control the affairs and funds of the Association, with the proviso that any major fund-raising projects or projects involving expenditure in excess of R1500 shall require the prior approval of at least 75% of the members of the Association.


14.                The Committee shall be authorised to:


a.                   Make or amend the rules consistent with the constitution of the Association.

b.                   Pay all or part of any expenses incurred by any member in the execution of Association affairs (subject to par 13.

c.                    Nominate any member to serve on any other body with whom the Association is concerned.

d.                   Grant and recognise full reciprocity to any other body of similar standing.


15.                BRANCHES


The Branches of the Association may be established throughout South Africa. Notice of the establishment of such branches shall be forwarded to the Association for approval.


16.                Branches shall elect their own Committees and shall abide by the rules and Constitution of the Association. A Committee member from each branch shall be allowed to represent his branch at the Committee meetings of the Association if so desired.


17.                A 10% share of all branch subscriptions shall be forwarded to the central Committee on a yearly basis.


18.                MEETINGS


The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year, one month’s notice of which shall be given to all members.


19.                The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:


a.                   To receive and approve the various reports on the state of the Association;

b.                   To present and audited statement of accounts for the previous calendar year for approval;

c.                    To discuss any matter or proposal, of which at least fourteen days notice shall be given to the Secretary;

d.                   To nominate and elect Committee members;

e.                    To appoint auditors for the ensuing year.

20.                QUORUM


The quorum at an Annual General Meeting shall be thirty members. Should the attendance be less than thirty members, the committee shall call a second meeting as soon as possible and these members present at the second meeting shall form a quorum.


21.                A Special General Meeting may be requested by any thirty members by way of a letter to the Secretary, stating the reasons for such a meeting. This Special General Meeting shall be called within one month of the receipt of the letter and all members shall be notified of such meeting.


22.                Ordinary meetings shall take place as and when convened by the Committee and may take on the form of discussions or film shows or may involve any other topic relating to the Dakota.


23.                Members shall be informed of such meetings in good time.


24.                Working Meetings shall be organised by the Committee whenever necessary for achieving any of the objectives or undertaking any tasks on behalf of the Association. These meetings shall be held at such venues as may be decided on by the Committee.


25.                VOTING


At any General Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on by a show of hands, unless a ballot is demanded, in which case the Secretary or member acting for him shall scrutinise and divulge the results. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.


26.                Save where an amendment to this Constitution is at issue, all resolutions shall be carried by a simple majority. In the case of a resolution to amend the Constitution, such resolution shall only be carried by a two-thirds majority.


27.                MEMBERSHIP


Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons over the age of 18 years.


28.                Members may take part in any of the activities of the Association and may consult any books, publications or documents in the Association library.


29.                Any member whose conduct prejudices the Association shall be expelled and his/her name deleted from the roll.


30.                No member shall claim to represent the Association at any venue or at an activity organised by any other body without the prior consent of the Committee.


31.                HONORARY MEMBERSHIP


Honorary membership may be bestowed upon such persons as may be decided on by the Committee.

32.                Honorary members shall have the right to hold office in the Association and may vote at any General Meeting.


33.                SUBSCRIPTIONS


The annual subscription to the Association shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.


34.                The initial subscription shall be paid on or before 1 October 1985. This shall be valid until December 1986. Thereafter subscriptions shall be for the period from 1 January until 31st December of every year.


35.                Any member whose subscription is more than three months in arrears shall have his/her name deleted from the roll.




All subscriptions and monies paid to the Association shall be held in an account in a bank or building society in the name of the Association.


37.                All cheques and withdrawals from the Association fund shall be endorsed by any two of the following committee members. The Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.


38.                AUDITORS


At each Annual General Meeting the Association shall appoint an auditor to hold office from the conclusion of such meeting to the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting.


39.                LEGAL PROCEEDINGS


The Association shall, in its own name, be capable in law of suing or being sued and of acquiring property, opening bank accounts, etc. The Committee shall be authorised to act on behalf of the Association in the above matters and to delegate its authority to one or more of its members pursuant thereto.


40.                WINDING UP


The Association may be wound up at any time by a resolution taken at a Special General Meeting convened for such purpose, provided that such resolution be carried by not less than a two-thirds majority.


41.                In the event of a winding-up, the Committee shall wind up the affairs of the Association as expeditiously as possible.


42.                Should any surplus funds be available after liabilities of the Association have been discharged, including the costs of winding-up, they shall be donated to the SAAF Museum.


DATE: 17/9/1985


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