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Below is a list of Douglas DC-3 and C-47 books and literature. There is even a DC-3 e-book (Electronic Book)
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Book title Author Publisher Year ISBN-10 or library of congress Number or OCLC number ISBN-13 Comments
A Celebration of the DC-3 Arthur Piercy The Promotional Reprint Company Ltd 1995 1856482456    
And far from home John Balfe The MacMillan Company of Australia 1985 ISBN 0 333 41507 8   Flying RAAF Transports in the Pacific War and after
Aviation in Northamptonshire Michael L. Gibson Northants May-82 ISBN-10: 090539108X ISBN-13: 978-0905391083  
Behind the cockpit door Arthur Whitlock Merlin Books Apr-96 ISBN 10: 0863037453 / 0-86303-745-3 ISBN 13: 9780863037450  
Berlin Airlift Arthur Pearcy Swan Hill Press; illustrated edition Feb-98 ISBN-10: 1853108456 ISBN-13: 978-1853108457  
Betsy the story of a DC-3 Martin J Willing Martin J Willing 1989      
British Dakotas Maurice J. Wickstead Robert G. Cooper The Aviation Hobby Shop 1984 ISBN 0 907178 10 3    
C-47 Lechoslaw Musialkowski Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej 1988     Polish book. Samolot Transportowy #125
C-47 Skytrain in action Larry Davis Squadron/Signal Publication # 149 1995 ISBN-10: 0897473299 ISBN-13: 978-0897473293  
C-47/R4D Skytrain Units of the Pacific and CBI. Osprey Combat Aircraft 66 David Isby Osprey Publishing 2007/02/27 ISBN-10: 1846030463 ISBN-13: 978-1846030468  
C-47/R4D Units of the ETO and MTO. Osprey Combat Aircraft 54 David Isby Osprey Publishing 2005/01/01 ISBN-10: 1841767506 ISBN-13: 978-1841767505  
Classic American Airlines Geza Szurovy MBI Publishing Company 2003/12/ ISBN: 0760316562 ISBN-13: 9780760316566  
Dakota at war Arthur Pearcy Ian Allan Jan-82 ISBN-10: 0711012172 ISBN-13: 978-0711012172  
Dakota, DC-3/C-47 Onder Nederlandse Vlag Theo Wesselink De Alk 1985 ISBN 90 6013 940 2 DFL 39,90    
Dakotas and Beeches in Europe Coert Munk, Maarten Brouwer and Eric Munk Airnieuws Nederland 1993 ISBN 90-74250-07-6    
Dakotas in the Antarctic Henry M. Dater History and Research Division, U S Naval Support Force 1970 OCLC 152429207    
DC-3 Arthur Pearcy Ballantine's Weapons Book 44 1975 345-34523-7-200   History of the 2nd WW Weapons, the epic story of the great workhorse of three major wars
DC-3 and C-47 Gooney Birds Michael O'Leary Motorbooks International Sep-92 ISBN-10: 087938543X ISBN-13: 978-0879385439 Includes the DC-2, DC-3, C-47, B-18 Bolo, B-23 Dragon, the Basler turboprop Goonies, and many more
DC-3 Down Under Stewart Wilson Dylowl PTY LTD 1989     photo book on Australian DC-3/C-47 civil & military
DC-3 Production list Sten Wilkinson  L.A.A.S. 1968-1970     LAAS London Amateur Aviation Society
DC-3 Production List 1 – 18 John and Maureen Woods Airline Publications Jan-80 0143-5604    
DC-3 Production List 19 – 33 John and Maureen Woods John and Maureen Woods Mar-82      
De geschiedenis van de Douglas DC-3 Dakota Bart van der Klaauw  Avia/WYT 1979 ISBN 90 6007 061 5    
De Legendarische Vlucht van de Uiver Wim Kroese Teleboek B.V. 1983 ISBN 90 6122 130 7   A memorial book on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous Uiver flight in the London to Melbourne race
De Melbourne race H.P. Geerke J.M. Meulenhoff 1934     The 1934 London to Melbourne race
Development and Deployment of Fixed-Wing Gunships 1962-1972 Jack S.Ballard Office of Air Force History. GPO 1982      
Donald W. Douglas: A Heart with Wings Wilber H. Morrison Iowa State Press; 1st edition 1991/09/30 ISBN-10: 0813818346 ISBN-13: 978-0813818344  
Douglas C-47 C-53 The type in use with Italian A.F. Claudio Tatangelo Monografie Aeronautiche Italiane # 08 1980      
Douglas C-47 Skytrain Famous Aircraft of the world # 66   Bunrin-Do 1975     Description of the type
Douglas C-47A, ESK.727 History of C-47 in Royal Danish A.F.  Danish Military          
DOUGLAS C-47D, C-53-DO Hanfried Schliephake   1987      
Douglas DC-2 N Geldhof, P Kok Bonnevolle BV 1997      
Douglas DC-2 "Uiver" E Smits Harris Uitgeverij 1934      
Douglas DC-3 Austin J. Brown Specialist Marketing International Jan-95 ISBN-10: 071102183X ISBN-13: 978-0711021839  
Douglas DC-3 60 Years and Counting Ed Davies, Scott A. Thompson, Nicholas A. Veronico Aero Vintage Books 1995 ISBN-10: 0963754343 ISBN-13: 978-0963754349  
Douglas DC-3 80 Glorious Years Geoff Jones Fonthill Media 2015/05/22   ISBN-13: 978-1-78155-103-5  
Douglas DC-3 Dakota M.J. Hooks Haynes, Yeovil 1985 ISBN 0 85429 449 X    
Douglas DC-3 Flugzenge du geschichte machten Douglas DC-3 Joachim Wolfer Motorbuch Verlag 1992 ISBN 3-613-01451-3    
Douglas DC-3 L2D   Maru Mechanic # 31 JAP 1981     Description of the DC-3/C-47 and Japanese variants
Douglas DC-3 survivors volume 1 Arthur Pearcy Aston Publications 1987 0 946627 13 4    
Douglas DC-3 survivors volume 2 Arthur Pearcy Aston Publications 1988 0 946627 14 2    
Douglas DC-3 The Survivors Kengo Yamamoto Crowood/Airlife Publishing Ltd; illustrated edition 2000/07/21 ISBN-10: 1840371528 ISBN-13: 978-1840371529  
Douglas DC-3/Lisunov Li-2 Karl-Heinz Eyermann & Wolf S. Zedlitz Deutscher Militärverlag May-05      
Douglas Propliners DC-1 - DC-7 Arthur Pearcy Specialty Press Publishers & Wholesalers Jan-01 ISBN: 1840372478 ISBN-13: 9781840372472  
Fate is the Hunter Ernest K. Gann Simon & Schuster Paperbacks 1961 ISBN-10 : 0-671 63603-0 ISBN-13 : 978-0-671-63603-6  
Fifty glorious years (a tribute to the Douglas DC-3 1935 - 1985) Arthur Pearcy Airlife Publishing 1985 ISBN-10: 0918805163 ISBN-13: 978-0918805164  
Focus on the Douglas DC-2 John & Maureen Woods The Aviation Hobby Shop 1983      
Fokker-Douglas DC-2 Hugo Hooftman Nederlandse Vliegtutg Encyclopedie 1977     Complete history of the Fokker assembled DC-2s
Geschichte aur himmel die DC-3 Sepp Moser   1905/06/11      
Gooney Birds and Ferry Tails Jon A Maguire Schiffer Publishing 2004/01/01 ISBN-10: 0764305921 ISBN-13: 978-0764305924  
Grand old lady: the story of the DC-3 Carroll V Glines, Wendell F Moseley Pennington Press 1959 ASIN: B0007E4V2W    
Green light a troop carrier squadron war from Normandy to the Rhine Martin Wolfe Center for Air Force History Jun-05 ISBN-10: 0160425085 ISBN-13: 9780160425080  
Gunships: A Pictorial History of Spooky Larry Davis Squadron/Signal Publications Feb-82 ISBN-10: 0897471237 ISBN-13: 978-0897471237  
History of the South African Air Force (1920-1990)   The Directorate Public Relations, SADF 1990      
In Drie Dagen Naar Australië K.D. Parmentier Scheltens & Giltay 1935     Story of the 1934 London to Melbourne race by the captain of the KLM DC-2 "Uiver"
Into The Valley Col. Charles H. Young Woolcott Press 1995 ISBN 0-9647978-0-1    
Le Dakota Jacques Borge and Nicolas Viasnoff E.P.A. 1980 ISBN: 2-85-120-111-5    
L'histoire du Douglas DC-3 Yves Tariel Charles-Lavauzelle, France 1985 ISBN-10: 2702501273 ISBN-13: 978-2702501276  
LI-2 Boleslaw Szuman & Jacek Konczak Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej 1976     Polish
Operation Dakota   Dakota Unlimited 1993      
Over the Hump: Airlift to China William Koenig Ballantine Books 1972 ISBN 0345029364    
Pilots notes - Dakota IV Aircraft Operating Manual Air Ministry Reprinted by Air Data Publications, St. Annes on Sea Apr-05      
Profile Publications No. 220 The Douglas DC-3 Arthur Pearcy Profile Publications Dec-70      
Profile Publications No. 249 Douglas R4D variants Arthur Pearcy Hylton Lacy Publishers/Profile Publications Ltd 1973 850640202    
Profile Publications No. 96 The Douglas DC-3 (pre-1942) Arthur Pearcy Profile Publications 1965 (1982 reprint)      
Project 19 - A Mission Most Secret John W. Swancara Honoribus Press 1997 1-885354-07-X    
Sixty Glorious Years, A Tribute to the Douglas DC-3 Dakota Arthur Pearcy Motorbooks International 1995/12/ ISBN-10: 0760301921 ISBN-13: 978-0760301920  
Sluipvluchten Naar Lissabon Ad Van Ommen Buyten & Schipperheyn 1985 ISBN 90 6064 575 8    
Survivors 97 Vince Horan Gatwick Aviation Society 1905/06/19      
THE 3 and ME Theodore Hunt AuthorHouse 2004/08/16 ISBN-10: 1418477710 ISBN-13: 978-1418477714  
The Amazing Gooney Bird Carroll V Glines Schiffer Military/Aviation History 1905/06/18 ISBN: 0764300644 ISBN-13: 9780764300646  
The C-47: Flying Workhorse of WW II Richard Harvey AuthorHouse 2005/03/28 ISBN-10: 1420816985 ISBN-13: 978-1420816983  
The Dakota Arthur Pearcy Ian Allan May-05 ISBN: 0711003149 ISBN-13: 9780711003149  
The DC-3 50 years of legendary flight Peter M. Bowers Aero Pub Inc; 1st edition (May 1986) May-86 ISBN-10: 0830681949 ISBN-13: 978-0830681945  
The DC-3 and its predecessors J. M. G. Gradidge Air Britain (Historians) Ltd 1984 ISBN: 0851301193 ISBN-13: 9780851301198  
The DC-3: The story of a Fabulous Airplane C. V. Glines and W. F. Moseley J. B. Lippincott 1966 66-11160    
The Douglas Commercial Story Peter Berry Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd 1971 ISBN-10: 0851300162 ISBN-13: 9780851300160  
The Douglas DC-1/DC-2/DC-3 - The First Seventy Years - Volume 1 & Volume 2 J. M. G. Gradidge Air-Britain (Historians) 2006 ISBN 0 85130 332 3    
The Douglas DC-3 Henry Holden Tab Books 1991 ISBN 0 8306 3450 9    
The Douglas DC-3 (Famous Aircraft Series) Len Morgan Famous Aircraft Series, Arco Publishers 1964 ASIN: B000N5GO2A    
The Douglas DC-3 (Famous aircraft series) Len Morgan Aero Pub 1980 ISBN-10: 0816856508  ISBN-13: 9780816856503 Famous aircraft series
The Douglas DC-3 and its predecessors update 1 J. M. G. Gradidge Air Britain (Historians) Ltd 1987 0-85130-147-9    
The Douglas DC-3 and its predecessors update 2 and world survey J. M. G. Gradidge Air Britain (Historians) Ltd 1993      
The First Seventy Years Pt 1 Jennifer Gradidge Air-Britain    2006 851303323  
The First Seventy Years Pt 2 Jennifer Gradidge Air-Britain    2006 851303323  
The Golden Years of Flying Tex Searle Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. 2nd edition Dec-08 ISBN-10: 1560277084 ISBN-13: 978-1560277088  
The Legacy of the DC-3 Henry Holden Wind Canyon Publishing Jan-96 ISBN-10: 1879630400 ISBN-13: 978-1879630406  
The Legendary DC-3 Carroll V Glines, Wendell F Moseley Van Nostrand Rheinhold 1979 ISBN: 9780442261368    
The Legendary DC-3 Carroll V Glines & Wendell F Moseley David & Charles 1959, 1965, 1979 715379216    
The plane that changed the world Douglas J. Ingells Aero Publisher 1905/05/19 0-8168-7503-0    
Wings from Burma to the Himalayas John W. Gordon Wolfe Pub Co 1992/01/01 ISBN-10: 1879356104 ISBN-13: 978-1879356108  


Book Douglas DC-3 80 Glorious Years Geoff Jones
Douglas DC-3 80 Glorious Years
by Geoff Jones

Like the P-51 Mustang and Supermarine Spitfire, the Douglas DC-3 is an iconic aircraft design. It has endured more than any other with several hundred still in use worldwide in locations as far apart as Africa, Antarctica and the US. Many of the current operators use turbine conversions of the DC-3 mainly using Basler, SAAF and Dodson International the main proponents.

Just about every major post-war airline began their schedules with the DC-3. Many took advantage of post-war military surplus C-47s that had already written huge volumes of history with their roles with the US Army Air Corps in the Second World War such as the D-Day landings. Many enthusiast organisations still keep DC-3s airworthy and fly them for members. However, the days of DC-3 operations are now nearing an end thanks to spares unavailability, cost and the shortages of Avgas fuel in remote parts of the world.

The Douglas DC-3 is to aviation what the Volkswagen and Ford were to motoring, and what the DC-3 operators started, the 21st century Airbus/Boeing operators continued thanks to the astonishing legacy of this remarkable aircraft.


Geoff Jones is a pilot, writer and photographer who grew up in the 1960s hearing the sounds of Cambrian Airways DC-3s thundering out of his local airport at Cardiff/Rhoose. This affection for the iconic DC-3 has been with him during a half-century of worldwide travel reporting and photographing many aspects of the world’s civil aviation scene. With fourteen civil aviation book titles to his name and thousands of magazine articles, Jones is a respected and well-known author/photographer. Flying a DC-3 in the Caribbean was a career highlight.


Dimensions: 248 x 172 mm
Binding: hardback
Extent: 208 pages
Illustrations: 198 black and white and 71 colour photographs
Publication date: 2015/05/22
Publisher: Fonthill Media
ISBN: 978-1-78155-103-5
The First Sixty Years
History of BRITISH AIRWAYS and KULULA in South Africa
by: David R. Lawrence

Author Dave Lawrence takes the reader back to the conception of the airline in the middle 1940s and the setting up of the airline in 1947.

He then covers the years of Commercial Air Services (Rhodesia) (Pvt) Ltd (1946 to 1960), and the years of Commercial Air Services (Natal) (Pty) Ltd (1946 - current). Two not so well know periods in Comair's history, the training projects for the South Africa Air Force and the Israel Air Force in the late 1940s and early 1950s, are also covered in detail.

Great detail is given on the company's maintenance projects, the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam project, the years when Comair operated South African Airways' coastal schedules, the rationalisation of the airline in the period 1976 to 1992 during which the Fokker Friendships, amongst others, were introduced, and the "Game Lodge" schedules.

The airline's venture into the Jet Age in 1992 is well documented as is its association with British Airways that started in 1996 and the introduction of its low cost brand Kulula in 2001.
For the aviation historian complete detailed listings of the company's aircraft from 1946 to current is given plus two sections dealing with aircraft colour schemes, piston-/turbo-prop aircraft, and jet aircraft.

An appendix is devoted to the key personnel in the airline's history while the "Stop Press" section keeps the reader up to date with the latest development by means of colour pictures.

Book Together we Fly - Voices from the DC-3 ISBN 9781560277958

Together we Fly: Voices from the DC-3
 Julie Boatman Filucci

Book The Golden Years of Flying - As we Remember ISBN 9781560277088

The Golden Years of Flying: As We Remember - Frontier Airlines 1946-1986
by Tex Searle
ISBN 9781560277088

Book Douglas DC-3 The Great Wings of the Immortal Kengo Yamamoto

 Douglas DC-3 The Great Wings of the Immortal
Kengo Yamamoto


Book Douglas C-47 Dakota in SAAF Service A Pictorial History 1943-2010 Winston Brent800

Douglas C-47 Dakota in SAAF Service.
A Pictorial History 1943-2010
by Winston Brent
December 2010
African Aviation Series No 15
Freeworld Publications
Send enquiries to Winston Brent at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Book DC-3 A Legend in Her Time Bruce McAllister

DC-3 A Legend in Her Time

A 75th Anniversary Photographic Tribute

by Bruce McAllister

January 3, 2010
In his seventh aviation history book, Bruce McAllister brings together the largest collection of photographs of the world’s most legendary aircraft–the DC-3. The book’s release is timed to the aircraft’s 75th anniversary–hundreds of DC-3s are still in service today, almost 75 years after the first one rolled off the production line in 1935.
With seventeen chapters covering many of the civilian and military operations in which the DC-3 has participated, McAllister has gathered some 250 high quality photographs from around the world. A rich history surrounds the DC-3. In the 1930s, the DC-3—as the aircraft of choice for the world’s major air carriers—helped spur the tremendous growth in airline travel. In World War II, General Dwight D. Eisenhower identified the DC-3/C-47 as one of the keys to the Allies’ victory. The aircraft even served as a potent gunship in the Vietnam conflict.
DC-3 A Legend In Her Time captures this history, bringing this workhorse to life for readers through its particularly dramatic photographs.
Author available for interviews. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (303) 444-9484.
Pre-Orders available at Amazon.com (keyword: DC-3)
Release Date: April 1, 2010
Format: Hard Cover / 8.5” X 11” Oblong
256 Pages
250 Color & B&W Photographs
ISBN: 978-0-615-22877-8
Price: $ 49.95
Publisher: Roundup Press. P.O. Box 109, Boulder, CO 80306-0109
Distributed by Independent Publishers Group, Chicago, Illinois

My Lady The Tail Dragger 1 front page

My Lady The Tail Dragger

by Andre Balt

In this 83 page book the author writes in 23 chapters amongst other adventures, of his ordeal in the war torn countries of Mozambique, and the Sudan, in the mid 80s, and early 90s whilst doing famine relief, to the rebel torn destinations. Stories of parking the DC-3 at the end of a God-forsaken runway, finding out they were standing on a mass grave. He includes a true story of a lone refugee, running and jumping, into the open door, whilst they took off, and this poor soul, still hanging outside in the slipstream 400 feet in the air.


It has stories of the amazing capabilities of this Methuselah of the air, the famous, and near indestructible DC-3 Dakota. He carries on telling us how this beautiful aircraft, with jet-propeller engines, took him and his passengers to the South pole safely. True stories, reassuring us all, that the DC-3 is the most respected airplane ever built, and she will forever be remembered fondly by those that have ever got close to her.

My Lady The Tail Dragger is exclusively available as an e-book  www.abook2read.com


My Lady The Tail Dragger 5 Andre Balt

Andre Balt

Book A celebration of the DC-3 Arthur Pearcy



Book Aircraft profile 249 Douglas R4D variants



Book Betsy the story of a DC-3 Martin J Willing



Book DC-1 DC-2 DC-3 The First seventy years 1




Book DC-1 DC-2 DC-3 The First seventy years 2




Book Douglas DC-3 Austin J Brown




Book Douglas DC-3 survivors arthur pearcy



Book Douglas DC-3 survivors volume two arthur pearcy





Book Douglas DC-3 The Survivors Kengo Yamamoto



Book Famous aircraft series The Douglas DC-3 Len Morgan




Book Famous Airplanes of the World Douglas C-47n Skytrain



Book Fifty Glorious Years arthur pearcy



Book History of the South African Air Force 1920 - 1990



Book The Douglas Commercial Story Peter Berry



Book The Douglas DC-3 and its predecessors update 1



Book The Legendary DC-3 Carroll V Glines Wendell F Moseley




Book Legend The Story of the DC-3 C-47 Dakota Philip Kaplan 2






Book Legend The Story of the DC-3 C-47 Dakota Philip Kaplan
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