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This aircraft fuselage was one of the seven, owned by Dodson Aviation, lying stored out in the open at Wonderboom airport. The fuselages were numbered F1 to F7, painted on the nose of each.

Six of the seven fuselages have been stretched for conversion to TP Dak. The only one without the stretch is c/n 27199, in the middle, marked F-2.

All seven were moved to the property of Gert de Klerk at Kromdraai (Freeway) -25° 28' 13.85", +28° 17' 19.78"

12582 32825 33552 27199 12166 33134 33478 Dodson seven airframes at gert de klerk Mohammad Rasi

Seven airframes that belong to Dodson Aviation were at one stage all stored together at Wonderboom Airport.

The seven airframes are seen in the above photograph at Gert de Klerk's property at Kromdraaai (Freeway) -25° 28' 13.85", +28° 17' 19.78"

The airframes have an ID (Identity) number written on the nose F-1 to F-7

18 February 2010

Photograph: Mohammad Rassi (Persian Gulf Team)

Details of the seven airframes are below, as they appear on the above photograph from left to right:

L to R      ID      C/N         history

1              F-7     12582     42-92747, RAF KG470, SAAF 6876, N81949

2              F-6     32825     44-76493, KN402 VP-KJP 5Y-AAD 9J-RGY, SAAF 6874 (2), N81952

3              F-5     33552     44-77220, RAF KP250 44-77220, GA+111, AS+586, GR+110, XA+116, 14+11, N90904, SAAF 6890, N149RD

4              F-2     27199     43-49938, RAF KN267, SAAF 6853, N148RD

5              F-1     12166     42-92373, RAF FZ611, SAAF 6819, ZS-BXI, SAAF 6886, N8194Z

6              F-3     33134     44-76802, NZ3542, ZK-AQU, D6-CAH, SAAF 6846 (2), N8241T

7              F-4     33478     44-77146, NZ3547, ZK-AZM, D6-CAD, SAAF 6865 (2), N8190X



C/N 12166

ZS-BXI South African Airways

Photograph: Andrew Spring Spring Air Archives

C/N 12166

ZS-BXI South African Airways

Photograph: Andrew Spring Spring Air Archives




C/N 12166

ZS-BXI Air Cape titles but with South African Airways colour scheme

Photograph: Will Blunt


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