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Douglas DC-3 and C-47 in Malawi

The following two aircraft survive intact at Zomba Airport. Last seen in Google Earth 10 May 2013.

GPS -15° 23' 14.06", +35° 23' 6.08"

C-47A c/n 13850 ex Malawi Army Air Wing 76-20 (ex 43-30699, NX500, N500, N5009)
C-47B c/n 27005 ex Malawi Army Air Wing 76-21 (ex 43-49744, KN201, CAF12903, N46938)
The two were obtained from the USA in 1990. Delivery date 17 September 1990.


32935 7Q-YKM Air Malawi Ray Watts

C/N 32935
Air Malawi
Photograph: Ray Watts


History of C/N 39235 below contributed by Karel Zaayman.

c/n 16187/32935
44-76603 USAAF delivered 24 March 1945
KN462 RAF del Nassau 02 Aprl 1945
G-AMPT Eagle Aviation Ltd registered 04 March 1950 and named "Reliance"
VP-YKM Central African Airways Corporation bought on 14 May 1953 and named "Bemba", later renamed "Angoni"
VP-YKM Air Malawi transferred in 1964
7Q-YKM Air Malawi re-registered 1966
ZS-EYO Air Cape Limited registered May 1970
F-ODQL Hemett Exploration registered 27 September 1p84, named "Ville de Villandrie" and based at Maputo
D-CDST Reise-und-Rundflug GmbH registered 18 March 1987
F-GILV Gilbert Villa registered 18 July 1990 and based Nimes, France
Impounded in Algeria (Maybe that was what the Afrique Air Solidarite titles were for)
N48ME Medavia-Warmair Inc, Dover, DE registered 09 February 1995 (Medavia = Malta based)
Re-registered 3C-JJN in March 1995
Re-registered T9-ABC and noted at Luqa,  Malta in 1995
Sold on auction to Newcal Aviation Inc after storage for five years on Malta
Dismantled ar Safi April 2000
Donated to the Malta Aviation Museum at TaQali in October 2002
Entered the Museum on 27 March 2006.


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