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 Douglas DC-3 and C-47 in Angola  


Location Aircraft reg C/N Co-ordinates Copy and paste into Google Earth or Google Maps Click for Google Maps image of airport Comments
  CR-LDK 12245      
  CR-LBL 12904      
  CR-LBM 18979      



C/N 12445

CR-LDK Consorcio Tecnico de Aeronautica SARL CTA

Luanda 30 October 1975

Photograph: John Wegg (via Rolf Larsson)



C/N 12904

CR-LBL Divisão dos Transportes Aéreos TAAG

Luanda 31 October 1975

Photograph: John Wegg (via Rold Larsson)





C/N 18979


Divisao de Exploracao dos Transportes Aereos de Angola (D.T.A.) was forned in 1939 by the Portuguese Miniter of Colonies.

It provided for air service to connect Luanda and Benguala with Pointe Noire in the French Congo from whence a connection could be made, via Aeromaritime and Air Afrique to France, and thus to Lisbon, in a mere matter of 6 days!

The early D.H.89A Rapides were replaced with DC-3s after WW II, one of which is seen above.   CR-LBM, an ex-USAAF C-47A-65-DL (42-100516) was one of eight operated by the airline at one time or another.

When Angola became independent it was re-registered D2-LBM and was still active with TAAG Angola Airlines until it was scrapped in the mid 1970s.

The DC-3 was named Salvador Correr

Text Eddie Coates

Photograph: Eddie Coates collection



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